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Forum for Awareness and Youth Activity (FAYA), Nepal

Established in 1995, Forum for Awareness and Youth Activity, Nepal (FAYA-Nepal) is a non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-government organization registered with District Administration Office Kailali. Since its inception, FAYA-Nepal has been striving to build an equitable and just society in Mid and Far West region of Nepal. FAYA's multi-sect oral interventions have contributed towards building agencies of the partner communities to claim basic public services; promote food lives and livelihoods.

Youths are the most productive resource, it is imperative that we mobilize the potential human resource for social transformation. The society would always stands to loose its strength if this resource is wasted. So, FAYA wants to activate youths and their creative thinking through its activity. Now-a-days, FAYA has been leading it's members through its slogan 'Collective Efforts for Change'

With more than one and half decade learning experience, FAYA Nepal embodies various qualities to be and excellent social transformation agent. It's value, moral commitment and process of implementation is going social acknowledgement with good image. FAYA is devoting its efforts to fulfill its strategic directions through partnership with several community, local and national as well as international agencies. Currently, FAYA Nepal has been implementing various programmes under its thematic area such as human rights and democratization, women empowerment and advocacy, livelihood, water and sanitation, disaster preparedness & emergency response, land rights and Former Kamaiya rehabilitation, community health, peace building, HIV and AIDS. FAYA Nepal is expanding its recognition as a multi-sector resource organization of Far-West Nepal.

Message from the Chair

lok raj ji 

Lok Raj Bhatta

Twenty Five glorious years have been passed successfully, since the establishment of FAYA Nepal in 1995. The acknowledgement it received from the people is its earning. The learning of its past is contributing it to crawl toward maturity. Being a matured organization is the matter of pleasure and the challenge, at once. FAYA would like to move forward changing the challenge into opportunity.

For the two decades since the establishment, FAYA had worked as a rights activist organization and contributed towards local level rights and social movements and gained prominence as a leading right based development organization among stakeholders and people living in poverty. Then it has gradually transformed itself into a humanitarian and developmental organization. Now, it is being consolidated as a right based humanitarian and developmental organization. The achievement of FAYA is cumulative result of hard work of FAYA volunteers, staffs and its well-wishers. The remarkable contribution from all the donors, partners and stakeholders is always prized. I would like to thank to all for the collective efforts for change we brought.

Today, when we are celebrating our silver jubilee of our beloved organization, the new democracy of our country is getting consolidated. Democratic consolidation needs a vibrant civil society and civic engagement. It also needs prosper economic base to be flourished. As being a tool of civil society, the role of CSOs has increased and diversified than ever before. A democratic consolidation and prosper economy can be exercised only through the conscious efforts of people. FAYA has envisioned the "establishment of a prosper society" as its vision and "contributing sustainable development for obtaining prosperity" as its mission. Onward, FAYA's all new goals, objectives, efforts and interventions will serve its vision and the mission.

Now, I would like to request with all FAYA supporters, partners and stakeholders for your continuous and valuable support as ever, to make our vision and mission true.

Let's march ahead TOGETHER for PROSPERITY!

Thank you.

Message from Program Director

Programm Directotr

Dharma Raj Pathak

I am immensely happy to extend you a hearty welcome to visit us online. FAYA Nepal has crossed its two decade long period of its social work. Since its establishment, in order to contribute towards social transformation, FAYA Nepal has been fighting against the poverty, superstition and all kinds of discrimination exist in the society. Similarly, FAYA Nepal has been striving to build an equitable and just society in Mid and Far West Region of Nepal. During this period, FAYA's interventions have contributed towards building agencies of the partner communities to claim basic public services, promote food security and livelihood alternates and reduce risks to their lives and livelihoods. 

We do believe that social transformation is not possible only intervention form the single person or institution instead requires the collective efforts from the actors of the society. Considering this fact, FAYA Nepal has been devoting its efforts to bring changes in human lives as well as in the community partnering with the government and no-government actors and leading to its member with its strategic slogan 'collective efforts for change.'

On behalf of FAYA Nepal and personally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all those who have extended their support and solidarity to us since past 20 years long period of FAYA Nepal's existence. Through our collective efforts, we have been able to achieve significant changes in the different section of the society. We look forward the same support, collaboration and solidarity in the days to come.

Lets join hands for making difference in people's lives. 

Thank you.

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