Most of community schools we visit are messy and untidy not only in premises but also in classrooms. If we talk with any stakeholders from school community, the common answer comes related with budgetary problems, 'no sufficient budget for peon or cleaners'. But the situation is not the same in every school. Visible differences can be witnessed in many schools, like Setimaiya Chaudhari SS, Jhunga-Dhansingpur, Kailali, where the child club has taken the responsibility of cleaning school premises and classrooms.

"No outsiders made dirt here in my classroom then why should not I clean it up?" Durga Chaudhari, a school girl cleaning her classroom smiles on our question 'why she is cleaning the room?' During the assembly, we have seen 4 students cleaning classrooms and we discussed with them. Mina Chaudhari from class 6 informed that their child club has divided students in different groups comprising 4 students in each group. Each group is responsible in cleaning the classroom in rotation basis.

"For field and toilet, we decide date and time, and the school administration posts the notice on the notice board. All the students and teachers participate in cleaning according to notice." Rabiraj Chaudhari of class 9 who is also the chair of child club responded our queries. According to him, child club meets decides as necessary.

Showing his satisfaction on child club activities, the child club focal teacher Mr. Prem Prakash Kshetri said, "there is a visible improvement in cleanness in school." Praising to the role of Child Clubs, the head teacher of Setimaiya SS Mr. Prem Pati Chaudhari had added "now there is no need of telling students for cleaning classrooms and school premises."

This is the result of child club that it is able to develop a feeling on students that cleanness is for them. They have realized that they should clean for themselves. That's why they are initiated such activities and engaged in" Nepali language teacher of class 6, Ms. Janak Chaudhari expressed.

"We are not only limited in cleaning but also organizing regular extracurricular activities in every first and last Frida." Child club chair Rabiraj elaborates.

They can do who think they can.
Man Bahadur Dangi
Program Officer
QEP, FAYA-Action Aid Partnership