Students were running here and there, teachers also were looking horrified. After a while some students and teacher appeared with bamboo stick and began to warp the bamboo with carpet from office room. Within a minute they made a local stretcher and bring a man to down floor and check scenes and nerves and run to the health post for treatment. (see the real picture)

This scene is from Sarashoti Secondary School of Durgauli VDC, Kailali. When we were reached there, we had been feeling hard to understand the situation what is happening there? When a student brought outside in local stretcher then we knew the situation.

Nowadays if an incident occurs in school all people look to teacher Hiralal Chaudhary and student Mahalaxmi Chaudhary. Mr Hiralal shared experience and told- after the training we deal a fait case. That time Arjun chaudhary, student of grade ten has gotten faint in upstairs. He has no sense and his body became straight and hard. It was hard to bring him to downstairs and health post. We had not stretcher to put the patient as well. In that time we use the skill which we had obtained during Basic First Aid training. We collect bamboo and use the office carpet to make the local stretcher and brought to patient to health post.’

School is big family where hundreds of people come and learn together. So the probabilities of occurrence such types of incidence always use to be high. Due to the growing age of students and unsafe infrastructure the schools are considered as much more vulnerable zone. In case of emergency the situation leads toward the horrified. But the time of emergency situation needs the local knowledge with skills to deal with the situation and protect the lives. If some the members of school family has the capacity and knowledge the risk can be minimise. Hira Lal Chaudhary, teacher of Sharashoti SS says- ‘we always face the trouble still in small incidents in schools. We had no knowledge and skill on basic first aid to support the patient before bringing to the hospital. Nowadays after the training from Quality Education Project, FAYA Nepal on first aid we have obtained the knowledge and skills to deal the situation to save the lives.

Similarly another incident had happened during the volley ball game. Mr Yagya BK had gotten the pain in his leg. That time the first aid team had been mobilized to examine the bone, vein and soiling condition. Then after, they putted the bandage on leg. Mr BK totally recovered after few days rest.

‘We have supported about 6-7 cases caused by small accident in school’. Said Mahalaxmi- ‘it makes us happy when we support the people in trouble. We have been acknowledged many times by teachers and parents when we have dealt with the bad condition. We feel very good when they say ‘you have gotten good training which helps to save the lives. The encouragement gives us motivation to work actively.’

The first aid training has proved as worthy training for school. Ms Nirmala Bam Malla, Head teacher of the school said- ‘really the training on basic first aid has built the capacity of teachers and students so that we have trained first aid provider in school. We have four trained first aid volunteers in school and they are doing wonderful job. It also has supported to make the school safe.’

Surya Basnet
Field Mobilizer,
Quality Education Project, FAYA-Nepal