"A gathering of community people was there to conduct annual Social Audit as mandated by education policies. The school premise of was haunted by the complaints of guardians; 'teachers are not punctual, they spent their time with mobile and chatting with fellow teacher in office room, even if they come to school….' It was really a self-realization opportunity for us. Now, we are committed to change the behavior and be more responsible toward the children." Sharada Timilsina, the teacher of Karnaleswar Primary School, Tikapur expressed her view.

Right after the Social Audit, a meeting of SMC was held to discuss and response the situation. We have appointed per member of SMC in rotation basis to monitor the school day by day." Mr. Chandra Prasad Bhandari, the chairperson of SMC, informed how they are responding the finding of Social Audit.

The most visible and inspirational change ac be noticed in Head Teacher Mr. Ratna Prasad Nyaupane's behavior as he is moving door to door to discuss with guardians about absence of students. He brings the attendance register with him and visits the home of such pupil who are les attending.

"Now our staff team is showing more responsible behavior and if the monitoring by community people will continue, changes will occur, definitely" the head teacher expressed his enthusiasm.

Three privately funded teachers, three relief quota teachers, a child care taker and a guard is striving in flood victim school. The Karnaleswar PS was transferred along with the community after a flood swept the school and the community building three years ago.

Puran BK
Community Mobilizer